Studio #306a

88 Hatch Street

New Bedford, MA 02745

We are open by event, appointment or chance. For an appointment for a private viewing please call 774-279-2606 or email us.

The S&G Project Gallery features the fine art photography of Denn Santoro and art by Helen Granger in various media such as oils, ink, sumi ink and more. We also have regular shows by other artists.

The S&G Project Gallery was founded to feature coherent bodies of work by artists. Artists often create series of related works, bodies of work built around a certain theme or process, or collaborations with other artists on a theme or idea. These Projects are often too large for group shows and do not convey the scope or concept of the work if shown mixed into group shows. Our gallery provides space for this variety of project. S&G also offers opportunities for specific installations that might not be able to be presented in smaller spaces.

S&G Project Gallery

Denn Santoro

Helen Granger