John Middleton

Found object sculptor

88 Hatch Street

Studio #406


John Middleton was born in San Francisco and raised in Kansas City. He received his B.A. in English and History at the University of Kansas and his PhD in English from Indiana University with a dissertation on Moby Dick. Following an academic career at Georgia State University he moved to the New Bedford area where he opened and eventually sold his own business. He holds an MFA in artisanry from the University of Massachusetts/ Dartmouth.

Statement: Sea Change

Time and tides transform objects lost to the water in ways that render them strange and beautiful. Accidents and hurricanes break up these objects that, once clean and functional, are scraped and scoured into new forms which obscure their original history. Paint weathers and fades. Metals rust and develop patinas. Glass shatters; sharp corners are smoothed away; surfaces cloud. Worms drill and colonize wood and bone. Things change and change again. I collect these shoreline objects and fuse them into works that call attention to the dignity, beauty, and uniqueness of their transformations.